4 Lines Cold Cutting Bag Making Machine

The 4-line cold cutting bag making machine is used to produce biodegradable vest bags and flat bags. It is fully automatic, saving workers and protecting the environment. And all electrical components are brand-name products: the main motor of this product adopts Taiwan variable frequency motor to save more power and adjust the speed more freely. The decoiler is specially designed for Taiwan, and its speed is the same as that of the host. The service life is also longer.


Main Technical Variables:




width of sealing &cutting(mm)

700*2  300*4

930*2  400*4

length of sealing & cutting(mm)



speed of bag-making (pc/min)



Power of motor(kw)






Outline dimension



Usage: it can make shopping bag for supermarket

Usage: It can do flat bag, which is used as garbage bag

Machine Details: unwinder parts 370w AC motor, Delta inverter

High quality photo Sensor to controlling the unwinding film rolls

Machine details: Sealing parts

Air cooling system: 

1, controlled by Taiwan Brand electric valave, Airtag brand.
2, Air cooling can make the sealing line more stronger and no stretch.

Machine details: Cutting parts

MacMachine details:

Fotek Relay from Taiwan, Omron temperature controller, Schneider Electric parts, Panasonic Photocell


Whole Machine picture


1, PVC materails Conveyor high quaity.
2, Airtag air eletric valave from Taiwan brand.
3, collect the bag more convinent than table. Save working.


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