Film Blowing Machine

Tplast film blowing machine is suitable for making plastic film, nylon film, biodegradable film. And the final product is applied in shopping bag, food packing and agriculture.  The quality of film is excellent and stronger.  Tplast Machine use Taiwan design screw and barrel, so the output is bigger than normal design screw. And the materials of screw is imported from Japan. Which is very hard and running longer life. 
And the Die head mould materials is imported from Japan, Processed by Taiwan Processing Center. So it is very accurate and non-changed.

Film Blowing Machine Manufacturer & supplier In china

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Film Blowing Machine Process

For we can put the raw materials into the loader of blown film machine, then the screw will feeding the materials. Because there is ceramic heater for the barrel, so it can do very good plastics for raw materials. And we have double feeding design for screw, so our film extruder machine has very big output.

Film Blowing Machine Features

This machine is to do plastic PE film rolls, it can do HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE and Caco3 materials. Which is popular for making the packing film.

we use high quality screw,it can make the poly film more transparent and more strength.

Our screw design can improve the pressure of barrel and improve the output of film extruder machine.

The materials of die head will decide the film thickness controlling.We use 645 materials, which with 7 days hot treatment. So it is very hard and stronger.

For our die head, we use Taiwan brand processing center. So the die head mouth is very round. And our worker polish inside of die head by manual. So the quality of film extruder machine die head is very accurate.

We are best supplier for film blowing machine, welcome to choose TPLAST brand blown film machine.

Film Extruder Machine Application

  • Plastic Bag Film

    Film extruder can make shopping bag film, garbage bag film and other packing bag film, Especially the ABA film blowing machine can use do Caco3 materials instead of HDPE materials, So it can save the cost of materials and produce high quality film.

  • Food Packing

    Three layers film blowing machine can make food packing film, which can be used to pack meat, milk, bread, other foods.The middle layer we can put the MLLDPE materials and other materials, which can improve the film quality and strength.

  • Agriculture Film

    Three layer hall off film extruder can do agriculture film, increase green house temperature, maintain moisture. the agriculture food will grow faster and big output.Use metal materials in the middle layer, it can improve the strength of film.

Film Blowing Machine Type

Different types of plastic film blowing machines are configured according to the film width of the final application, the use of the material and the requirements of the film,Include HDPE, LDPE, ABA and multi-layer blown film machines.

  • Three-layer ABA Film Blowing Machine
  • HDPE Blowing Film Machine
  • LDPE Blown Film Machine
  • High Speed Blown Film Machine
  • Multi-layer Blown Film Plants
  • Plastic Film Extruder Machine
Film Blowing Machine News

Tplast film blowing machine manufacturer provides novice tutorials on film extruder machines, including information on uses, models, operating procedures, process flows, prices and other information.

Common problems and corresponding solutions during the extrusion process of film extruder machines


Factors such as raw materials, equipment, operation, and post-processing need to be comprehensively considered, and appropriate solutions should be selected according to the specific situation to ensure the improvement of product quality and production efficiency.


Film extruder manufacturer talks about the difference between blown film and extruded film


Film extruder manufacturers tell us that the difference between blown film and extruded film lies in the manufacturing process, film structure and application fields. The choice between blown film and extruded film depends on specific requirements.


What is a film extruder machine? What is it used for? Which company is trustworthy?


A film extruder machine is used in the manufacturing process of plastic films. It is designed to melt and shape plastic resins into thin sheets or films. The extruder consists of a large cylindrical barrel with a screw inside.


How to adjust and clean the film head of a plastic film-blowing machine? Tplast will teach you


film-blowing machine is a piece of equipment used to make films. It is formed by extruding molten plastic pellets or resin through an extruder and forming a continuous film after cooling and stretching.


Film Blowing Machine Tips Revealed: Easily Solve Common Film Blowing Problems!


The solution to the uneven film thickness of the film blowing machine is to check whether the internal parts of the machine are severely worn. If there is wear and tear, it needs to be replaced in time.


How to choose film blowing machine?


I believe that many friends will wonder why there are two different prices for the same function of the film blowing machine, where is the difference between the two blown film machines, and which film extruder should I buy?


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