Heavy Duty Bag Making Machine

Heavy Duty Bag Making Machine
Heavy Duty Bag Making Machine

Heavy Duty Bag Making Machine is a machine that makes all kinds of plastic packaging bags or other material packaging bags. Its processing range is a variety of plastic or other material packaging bags of different sizes and thicknesses. Generally speaking, plastic packaging bags are the main product.


1. our factory use Turkish high technology design this machine,The sealing line is no stretch ,no mater film is thin or thick ,the sealing line is even and whole sealing line from left to right is the same,(sealing line is without wide or narrow)cutting line is even too.

2. The sealing knife and cutting knife is together ,So the distance is very reasonable ,

3. It is suitable to do very thick bag


Main technical variables





Max.bag width (mm)




Max bag length (mm)




Speed (pcs/min)




Total power(KW)




Max Thickness

500 Micron

500 Micron

500 Micron

Weight  (kg)




Overall dimensions(m)





Bag Sample: Thick Flat bag and Shopping bag

1. It can seal and cut Max 600Micron thickness bag.

2. The Sealing lines is not Stretch No matter the thickness is thick or thin

Thick Flat bag and Shopping bag

Unwinder part:

Unwinder with Automatic tension control


Panasonic from Japan. Max Cutting length is 150mm, adjustable

Ealing and Cutting parts: 

with Stronger Alloy Steel sealing bar and electric Currency cutting knife.


Feeding Parts:

With PU conveyor, longer life


Control System:

Servo motor Control and PLC Program and Omron brand temperature controller, Schneider Electric parts



Whole Machine: 

Nice Design and stronger body

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