Mini Film Blowing Machine New Type

Mini Film Blowing Machine New Type
Mini Film Blowing Machine New Type


Its extruder, cylinder and screw rods are made of quality alloy steel that have been nitrized and processed in a precision way. Hence it is sound in hardness, durable in corrosion resistance. The specially-designed screw is of sound quality in plasticizing, which helps increase the production capacity. It is applied to blowing the plastic films lik high density polytene (HDPE) and Biodegradable . It is widely applied to producing the packing bags for foodstuff, clothing, rubbish bag and vest ones.





Diameter of screw


Max width of Film


Single-face Thickness of film






Power of main motor


Power of Traction main motor


Total Power


Outline diameter

2300 x 2000 x 2300mm




Controlling Box

Machine Structure

Main Extruder


Main Parts Parameter and pictures:

Screw:  Copied from Taiwan Bimetal
1. Material of screw and barrel: 38CrMoAlA
2. Material Element Analysis:
C: 0.35~0.42 Si: 0.20~0.45 Mn: 0.30~0.60 S: ≤0.035 P: ≤0.035
Cr:1.35~1.65 Al: 0.70~1.10  Ni: ≤0.030  Cu: ≤0.030  Mo:0.15~0.25
3. Hardness of tempering: HB260-290
4. Depth of nitriding: 0.4-0.7mm
5. Hardness of surface: HV900-1050
6. Roughnessof surface:Ra0.32
7. Bimetal screw: Bimetal layer on the screw thread
8. Hardness of bimetal layer: HRC58-62
9. Depth of bimetal layer: 2-3mm
10. Bimetal layer elements: Fe, Ni, Wc, B, C, Cu, ect

Main motor: Siemens Motor

1, Runing Speed: 1400rpm, 
2 Motor power: , 380V, 3phase. Pwoer can be changed according yours   
3, Motor Life: more 10 years.


1, Fucntion: reduce the speed of transferring.
2, Speed rate: 10:1
3, Gear: Hard surface type, high quality.
4, Lubrication oil for transfering
5: Low noise and longer life

Heater: Ceramic heater fucntion:

1, Heating faster than stainless heater.
2, Life is longer to 5 years.
3, Keeping hot inside is longer than stainless, save power.
4, High quality ceramic and heating wire Inside.

Cover: Stainless cover:

1, Separate stainless cover to control heater better and save the power consuption.
2, Separate blower on stainless cover.
3, Nice outlook for stainess cover.
4, High speed blower to cool barrel.

High Speed Die head: Taiwan design high speed die head:

1, #45 steel stronger
2, Surface treatment,which make film more transparent  
3,bigger size than normal, which improve the output of machines 

Double Lip Air ring:

1, two lip to cool the film, it is faster than one it can improve the output of machine

Screen change: T Type

Electric parts:  Omron Temperature controller:

1, Digital show
2, Accurate temperature controlling for 3 centigrade
3, Longer life to more 10 years
4, CHINT brand switch and breaker, best quality in China.

Controller box and LG inverter:

1, LG inveter to adjsut the speed of all motor, which can save the power consumption, protect the motor working.
2, LG inverter is longer time to more 10 years.
3, Easy to adjust the inverter.

Traction parts: Gusset copied from Taiwan

Gusset copied from Taiwan
1,Gusset parts is copy from taiwan, easy to adjust.
2, Wooden gusset parts is make

Traction motor:
1, 1.5kw,1400rpm running speed
2, Gearbox: 7.5:1 running speed
3, LG inverter controlling the motor running.Save power and speed adjusting.

Embossing roller:
1, Dot distance:2mm. We can design it according to yours
2, Controlled by air cylinder, which is easy to operate, no manual working.

Single Rewinder:

1, air shaft: save manual working,improve the working efficiency.
2, LG inverter controlling motor speed, save power consumption.
3, Inverter can be longer life and protect the motor running 
4, counting meter to calculate the film roll length.
5, Alarm to remind worker change the rolls.

Stronger Structures: 4.5mm thickness Steel tube and 12mm thickness steel plate. 

Whole machine: Nice design

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