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Who invented the world's first printing press?

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In 1439, Gutenberg, Germany, produced a wooden letterpress printing machine. Although the structure of this vertical spiral hand-panel printing machine was simple, it was used for 300 years; in 1812, the German Koenig made the first Taiwan Yuan flat letterpress printing machine; In 1847, Hoy in the United States invented the rotary printing machine; in 1900, made a six-color rotary printing machine; in 1904, Rubel in the United States invented the offset printing machine. Before the 1950s, the traditional letterpress printing process occupied a dominant position in the printing industry, and the development of printing presses was also dominated by letterpress printing machines.


Before that, Bi Sheng in the Tang Dynasty in China invented movable type printing during that period.


Generally speaking, printing presses from Germany are common in everyone's life. Today, let's take a look at printing presses made in China!


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Next, I will show you one of the printing presses-a high-speed six-color printing press.


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